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Austenitic grades are non-magnetic and in addition to chromium, typically at the 18% level contain nickel which eases the fabrication process and corrosion resistance and are the most widely used group of stainless steels.

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EN No (W-Nr) 1.4404 AISI316/316L AS 316L   
316 is dual certificated (316/316L) Austenitic chromium nickel molybdenum steel.

Size Range:
Rd 4.76mm- 19.05mm (drawn)20mm - 95.25mm (peeled and polished to h10), 101.6mm - 304.8mm (rough machined) 31.75mm -101.6mm (centreless ground h9).
Hollow Bar 32/16mm - 250/200mm.O

ther sizes and profiles available on request.

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EN No (W-Nr) 1.4301 AS 304 AISI 304   
304 is the most versatile, and the most widely austenitic, commonly known as 18/8 Stainless Steel.

Size Range:
Rd 9.53mm - 19.05mm (Drawn), 20mm - 101.6 (Peeled and Polished to H10) 100mm - 260mm (Rough Machined)

Other sizes and profiles available on request.

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EN No (W-Nr) 1.4305 AS 303 AISI 303   
303 Austenitic stainless steel offers the best machinability for stainless steel. It is mainly used when production involves extensive machining.

Size Range:
Rd 6 - 19.05mm (Drawn), 22.23 - 80mm )Peeled and Polished) Hexagon 25.4mm

Other sizes available on request.

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