Case Hardening Steel

Case hardening steel is the process of carburizing, in solid liquid or gaseous media, followed by hardening, present a hard, wear-resistant surface layer combining with the softer core and compression stresses involved to increase fatigue strength. Case carbon content and carburized depth can be controlled by varying the composition of the carburizing compound and depend on time and temperature employed.

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W-Nr 1.5752 AISI E9315 BS 655 M 13 EN36A   
Cr Ni case hardening steel for applications requiring excellent wear surface, high toughness and core strength.

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W-Nr 1.6587 
E110 is a 1.8% Ni Cr Mo case hardening steel combining core toughness and high case hardness after carburising and quenching.

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W-Nr 1.6723, BS 835 M 15, AS X9315    
4-1/4% Ni Cr Mo case hardening steel for large anf highly stressed applications.

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BS EN 362, SAE 8620   
8620 is a balanced low Ni Cr Mo general purpose case hardening steel suitable for comparatively lightly stressed components

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