Chrome Bar

Chrome bar is a hard chrome plated steel bar used primarily as piston rod material in hydraulic and pneumatic applications.


  • 4140 Chrome Bar       
    • W-Nr 1.7225, AS 4140, BS EN19A, AISI 4140 
    • Low alloy general purpose high tensile hardened and tempered steel. Ideal material for highly stressed component applications.        
    • Size Range:- Rd 19.05mm - 101.6mm, Induction Hardened Rd 25.4mm - 95.25mm        
  • 1045 Chrome Bar       
    • EN No (W-Nr) 1.1191/1.0501, AISI 1045, JIS S45C, UNS G1043   
    • Fully-killed medium carbon steel. The traditional product used in the manufacture of hard chrome bar.       
    • Size Range:- Rd 12mm - 171.45mm, Induction Hardened Rd 25.4mm - 127mm        
  • 20MnV6 Chrome Bar       
    • EN No (W-Nr) 1.5217, ASTM A381, UNS K03013  
    • Vanadium micro alloyed steel grade with higher yield point, excellent weldability and impact strength.       
    • Size Range:- Rd 12mm - 101.6mm,       
      Other sizes available on request.