Ground Flat Stock

Oil hardening, dimensionally stable tool steel, ground to (thickness) +/- 0.001" (width) +/- 0.005" (length) +1/16" supplied in 18", 36", 500mm & 1000mm lengths. Used in cutting tools, dies, measuring tools, jigs and fixtures.

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Ground Flat    

EN No (W-Nr) 1.2510, AS O1A, BS BO1, AISI O1   
Oil hardening, dimensionally stable Tool Steel ground to (thickness) +/- 0.001" (Width) +/- 0.005" (length) +1/16".

Size Range:
Imperial Fl 3/4"x1/32" - 12"x1" x 18" lg, 1/2"x1/32" - 12"x1-1/2" x 36" lg Metric Fl 10x1mm - 250x25mm x 500mm lg, 50x2.5mm - 100x25mm x 1000mm lg.
Other sizes available on request.
PDF includes Tool Bits, Ground Flat Stock and Silver Steel.

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