High Speed Steel

For modern industrial production, in particular mass production, machining is one of the most important shaping and forming processes. Almost all tools employed for this purpose are made from high speed steels. The characteristic properties of all high speed steels grades include.    

  • High working hardness   
  • High wear hardness   
  • Excellent toughness   
  • High retention of hardness and red hardness

Influence of alloying elements on the steel properties:

Carbon:   Forms carbides, increases wear resistance, is responsible for the basic matrix hardness.

Tungsten and Molybdenum:   Improves red hardnesss, retention of hardness and high temperature strength of the matrix, form special carbides of great hardness.

Vanadium:  Forms special carbides of supreme hardness, increase high temperature wear resistance, retention of hardness and high temperature strength of the matrix.

Chromium: Promotes deep hardening, produces readily soluble carbides.

Cobalt:   Improves red hardness and retention of hardness of the matrix.

Aluminium:   Improves retention of hardness and red hardness. Since it is possible to achieve specific properties by careful adjustment of these alloying elements, we are able to offer the most suitable high speed steel grade for virtually all kinds of application.

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EN No (W-Nr) 1.3343 AISI ~M2
Tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel with excellent toughness and cutting properties.

Size Range:
Rd 3mm - 260mm
Fl 13x6mm - 100x50
Sq 16mm - 40mm

Other sizes available on request.

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EN No (W-Nr) 1.3243 AISI ~M41    
Cobalt alloyed, tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel possessing high hardness, excellent cutting properties, high red hardness and good toughness.

Size Range:
Rd 3.7mm - 13.5mm

Other sizes available on request.

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Powder Metallurgy

High Alloy Steels will gain improved properties by increasing the solidification rate. This gives a fine microstructure and small, well-distributed carbides in the matrix.

During Powder Metallurgy (PM), the melt stream is atomised by nitrogen gas into small droplets with an average size of 50-100 µm. The powder is filled into capsules directly in order to avoid contamination. With hot isostatic pressing (HIP), the powder is consolidated to 100% density.

By using a special refining sequence, the cleanliness of the molten steel is improved prior to atomisation. This results in improved mechanical properties and an extremely low non-metallic inclusion level (SuperClean™).

The HIP'ed PM capsules are hot forged and rolled to smaller bar sizes followed by heat treatment and machining.

 PM steels are used in very demanding applications within cold work, plastic and cutting tools.

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Vanadis 23    

EN No (W-Nr) ~1.3344, AISI M3:2   
Vanadis 23 SuperClean³ is a high alloyed powder metallurgical high speed steel suitable for long run tooling in applications with high demands on mixed wear (abrasive/ adhesive) or where risk of plastic deformation of the working surface of the tooling is encountered.

Size Range:
Rd 4.3mm - 120mm
FL 108x12mm - 254x50mm
Sq 20mm -40mm

Other sizes available on request

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Vanadis 30    

EN No (W-Nr) 1.3207  
Vanadis 30 SuperClean³ is a cobalt high performance high speed steel. The cobalt addition has a positive influence on the hot wear resistance. Hot wear resistance and ductility are key properties in high speed steel cutting tools.

Size Range:
Rd 16mm -77mm
Fl 45x20mm - 300x220mm

Other size available on request

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Vanadis 60    

EN No (W-Nr) 1.3241   
Vanadis 60 SuperClean³ is a premium high alloyed PM high speed steel with 10,5% cobalt. Vanadis 60 SuperClean³ is particularly suitable for cutting tools where highest demand on wear resistance and hot hardness prevails.

Size Range:
Rd 13.2mm - 91mm
Fl 150x120mm

Other sizes available on request

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Produced by Powder Metallurgy methods. Segregation free and homogeneous metal powders of highest purity and adequate granulation are processed to a homogenous and segregation free high speed steel of virtual isotropic properties in a diffusion process taking place at high pressure and temperature.

Size Range:

sizes available on request.

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Size Range:

sizes available on request.