Bohler is steeped in rich history dating back to 1446 when the first hammer forge was established, on the site of the current Bohler Steel mill in Kapfenberg, Austria. In 1900 Bohler developed the revolutionary High Speed Steel Bohler Rapid. Then in 1967 a special melting shop was built housing the first ESR (Electro-slag-remelting) plant. In 1991 Voest Alpine, the owners, bought Uddeholm Tooling and established Bohler-Uddeholm.



Uddeholm began over 300 years ago when the first iron was produced at Stjarnsfors in the Swedish county of Varmland in 1668. From small mills and workshops in the 17th century generations of skilled craftsmen have contributed to the development of today's products.



ASSAB (Associated Swedish Steels AB) was established in 1945 to sell a range of special steel products manufactured by ba group of Swedish special steel producers outside Europe. Some of the original owners are still household names, companies such as Sandvik, Bofors, SKF, Fagersta Uddeholm and others. In 1976 ASSAB became the wholly owned subsidiary of Uddeholm.