K700 a 12-14% Manganese and 1.2 -1.4% Carbon alloy. The 10:1 ratio of manganese to carbon content following rapid quenching in water after solution heat treatment at 1000 to 1100oC, fully retains its austenitic structure at room temperature. The unique process of cross rolling produces a supreme uniformity in terms of mechanical - technological and physical properties. This special wear resisting hard manganese steel features high toughness and excellent weldability which acquires its working hardness (surface up to 600 BHN) by strain hardening, thus being particularly suited  for applications involving wear by impact or pressure.

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EN No (W-Nr) 1.3401, AFNOR Z120M12, UNI G X 120 Mn 12   
Special wear resistant manganese steel featuring high toughness and excellent weldability.

Size Range:
Rd 16mm - 20mm
Sht 2000x1000x1.5 - 12mm, 3000x1500x10 - 12mm

Other sizes available on request.

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