New Products

To ensure that our customers are always offered the latest most advanced materials. The board of voestalpine has committed to increase the expenditure for research and development of new and improved materials. Currently the expenditure is A$ 27 million per year and has more than doubled in the past 6 years.

Hot Work Steels

Four new grades 2 for the Die Cast industry, one  primarily for use in the extrusion industry and one for the forging industry.

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VMR A steel that offers high homogeneity, high isotropy, high microcleaniness and the highest levels of toughness.
EN No (W-Nr) ~1.2367, AFNOR ~38CDV5-3
Vacuum remelted hot work tool steel with high temper resistance and therefore maximum resistance to heat checking.

Size Range:
Fl 610x360mm - 810x365mm

Other sizes available on request.

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Dievar offers superior ductility and the highest possible level of heat checking resistance.
An E.S.R melted high performance chromium-molybdenum-vanadium alloyed hot work tool steel which offers a very good resistance to heat checking, gross cracking, hot wear and plastic deformation.

Size Range:
Rd 76.2mm - 712mm
Fl 407x230mm - 407x254mm

Other size available on request.

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W360 was developed as a tool steel for dies and punches in warm and hot forging.
W360 Isoblock has been developed to meet the requirements of the market and has the combined advantages of the high hardness of a high speed steel with the very good toughness of a hot work steel.

Size Range:
Rd 81mm-182mm

Other sizes and profiles available on request.

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Hotvar is a specially premium hot work steel developed to provide a very good performance in tooling up to 6500C. 
Hotvar is a premium hot work steel with very good high temperature properties. Can be hardened and tempered to 58HRC giving an outstanding hot wear resistance. Hotvar is particularly suitable for applications where hot wear and or plastic deformation are the dominating failure mechanisms.

Size Range:
Rd 35mm - 110mm
Fl 254x63.5mm

Other sizes available on request.

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Plastic Mould Steel

Four new grades have been developed all have been tailored for the corrosion sector of Plastic Mould Steels.

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Ramax 2

A recent further development on the tried and proven Ramax
A pre-hardened corrosion resistant holder steel with good machinability and high strength. Supplied 330-360 HB.

Size Range:
Rd 28mm
Fl 603x98mm - 1000x230mm

Other sizes available on request.

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High Speed Steel

One new grade developed for tools under extreme compressive strength.

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S290 offers extremely high red hardness, wear resistance and compressive strength.
Produced by Powder Metallurgy methods. Segregation free and homogeneous metal powders of highest purity and adequate granulation are processed to a homogenous and segregation free high speed steel of virtual isotropic properties in a diffusion process taking place at high pressure and temperature.

Size range available on request.

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Cold Work Steel

Four new Cold Work Steel Grades each developed as an improvement on existing grades.

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Sleipner is a 8% Cr steel which is characterised by good wear, chipping resistance, EDM qualities, stability, through hardening and machining.
Sleipner is a general purpose steel for cold work tooling. It has a mixed wear profile and a good resistance to chipping.

Size Range:
Sq 254mm
Fl 1030x32mm - 1030x54mm

Other sizes available on request.

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K360 is a further development on the 8% Cr steels high toughness, high compressive strength with good wear resistance ensures that this steel is a real problem solver.
ESR melted Cold work steel  tough, wear resistant and high compressive strength, suitable for the most severe applications.

Size Range:

Available on request

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Caldie was developed for short to medium run tooling where chipping and or cracking are predominant failure mechanisms.
Caldie is a chromium - molybdenum - vanadium alloyed tool steel.

Size Range:

available on request.

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K390 is quite simply a powder metallurgy cold work tool steel with outstanding properties for cutting, blanking and punching and for parts subject to abrasive wear in plastic processing.
Manufactured using 3rd generation Powder Metallurgy production technology. Offering excellent wear resistance, high compressive strength, very good hardening behaviour, good ductility and toughness.

Size range:

Available on request.

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