Included in this product group are hydraulic cylinder , hydraulic feed line, aluminium tube and stainless steel tubes.



  • Cylinder Tube St 52.3   
    • EN No (W-Nr) 1.0570, SAE  1518, SIS 2172, AFNOR 20 M5   
    • Unhoned this tube has been drawn but no surface finish process has taken place.   
    • Size Range:- 50.8/38.1mm - 279.4/254mm    
  • Cylinder Tube St 52.3    
    • Skived and Roller Burnished this tube has a different surface finishing process and is quicker and cheaper to manufacture than honing.   
    • Size Range:- 47.62/38.1mm - 254/228.6mm    
  • Cylinder Tube St 52.3    
    • S.S.I.D this tube is more like unhoned except the tube passes through a further rolling process. This creates a more concentric cylinder bore to the O.D with a surface finish of .8 Um Ra.   
    • Size Range:- 63.5/44.45mm - 88.55/69.85mm
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