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„We practice customer intimacy”

We put customer satisfaction at the center of our attention. Our customers’ success is the foundation for our own success. Therefore, the goal of all our efforts is to create value together with our customers.      

Stainless Engineering Steel Supplies | Engineering Steel Tool Suppliers

Engineering, Stainless, and Tool Steel Suppliers

Bohler Uddeholm is the specialist engineering, stainless, and tool steel suppliers you can rely on, providing the highest quality products and services for clients all over the world. We possess a wide range of expertise, with experience in case hardening steel, as suppliers of alloy steel, and 316 stainless steel.


Here at Bohler Uddeholm, we put the satisfaction of our customers first, ensuring we provide the highest standards of products and services, in line with industry expectations and regulations. We have many years of experience as suppliers of tool, engineering, and stainless steel, ensuring we can provide exactly what our clients require.


We tailor our services to our clients, with bespoke solutions for a wide range of industry requirements. From mining to construction, to household goods, our products are used in every imaginable situation. This includes factories manufacturing consumer goods, food and beverage, and more, equipment for oil rigs, mines, and even domestic products.


A Unique Approach

Here at Bohler Uddeholm, we take the time to understand our clients and what they need. This attention to detail enables us to devise the ideal plan for success, building a strong relationship and ensuring long-lasting loyalty. As specialist engineering, stainless, and tool steel suppliers, we have the expert knowledge to assist with every stage of the process, offering insight and advice to make the end result perfect. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our industry recognition and impeccable reputation.


Discover more about how Bohler Uddeholm can fulfil your needs by getting in touch with us today. Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to discuss what you require, then tailor the ideal solution. Call us on (02) 9681 3100 and we can start the process of supplying the steel products perfect for you.



The latest...


Hardened and tempered plastic mould steel with excellent cleanliness VMR quality  for best polishability. The hardness is constant over the entire cross-section of the steel block, even at large sizes, due to the addition of nickel.

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Bohler Uddeholm's new High Performance Steel solutions

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Böhler Uddeholm introduces Nimax

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